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how to do essay ideas For most of history, those who felt they were born the wrong gender had little recourse as to how to live their lives. The technology simply did not exist to free them from their body, and even if it did they could not socially make the transformation. Even when the technology made it possible, it was really difficult to live as a transgender male to female. Fortunately, as society has evolved, acceptance has increased as well, and now is the best time in history to make the change.

odour of chrysanthemums essay format With the technology and the overall societal acceptance today, people who are transgender can now comfortably express themselves without worrying about the adverse consequences. Of course, like any other major decision in your life, it is important you understand what you are getting into.

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Making the Decision  

go here As recent as 50 years ago, people only really recognized two genders: male and female. Today, the majority of people understand that there are many more beyond these two biological identifiers. If you are born a man and feel that you really should live life as a woman, it is important that you take the time to consider what you are thinking. Transgender describes a specific gender, but it can have a variety of sexual orientations. For example, some males identify as being sexually attracted to males yet still identify as being a man. Alternatively, some females identify as being a woman but still being attracted to females. As someone considering the the chrysalids essay intolerance au male to female transgender transformation, you identify as being female but are currently a male. Whether you are sexually attracted to males or females is irrelevant; what matters is that you identify with the female gender.

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Following the Celebrity Example  

lemberg law stop debt collection harassment scholarship essay Due to modern advances and the current social climate, now is the best time to make your transformation. Examples like Caitlyn Jenner are making it more acceptable to go male to female transgender, offering you the ability to move forward without fear. Though some naysayers may still not be able to accept the reality, the vast majority of the public are willing to accept the reality of your situation. When you take the step towards a different future, you show that you are not afraid of this minority and ready to take on your new life as you were meant to live.


Going Male to Female Transgender


Ultimately, you know if this is the right decision for you. If you have found that you identify more as a female, there is no longer a reason to keep yourself trapped in the wrong body. Instead, you should start taking the necessary steps to transform yourself into who you were really meant to be.

Let yourself show the world the you are a argumentative essay topics about health care male to female transgender and proud of it. This displays your unwavering courage in face of adversity and also shows that you are proud of who you are. In the end, all that you really have in life is being true to yourself, so start with something that matters.