Male to Female Hormones

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essay about plants and their importance of exercise Unfortunately, there is no guide to transsexual living. When you discover that you identify as a woman but you are confined in a man’s body, don’t lose hope. There are steps you can take to start making the transition. Much of this starts with education. From there, you can get the here male to female hormones that will help make your transition go more smoothly.  

Different Body Structures

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go to site No matter how you cut it, men and women have different body types. Women tend to have more curves in their shape, having smaller waists and chests (in general) to their male counterparts. Instead, men tend to have broader shoulders and a flatter figure. When you are looking to make the change, you should consider ways to reform your body shape so it better resembles a female’s. Though some exercises might help with this, the reality is that the best way to go is with male to female hormones.  

Using Male to Female Hormones


go to link One of the most efficient ways to integrate the desired hormones is with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Through this process, you can promote a more feminine body type naturally and in a gradual manner that your body will accept. Keep in mind; this does not prevent certain male hormone features, such as the growth of facial hair. It can, however, help to redistribute body fat for a more feminine form overall. If you don’t want to undergo HRT, you can also look at adding individual hormones to your diet. Oestrogens are one way to develop secondary female gender characteristics. Ethinylestradiol is another popular way to get more estrogen development in the male body, allowing you to speed up the transition. Before using any hormones like this, you should consult with a qualified physician.  

How About Brestrogen?


Of course, one of the most innovative ways to work on key areas of your body, such as your breasts, is to look into the hormone Brestrogen. This cream is specifically formulated to help women enhance their breasts naturally. For men looking to make the change, it can be one of the most powerful male to female hormones out there. If you want to grow more significant breasts as a woman, you should definitely consider adding this to your regimen.


General Considerations for Transgender Male to Female


In general, you need to consider all of the various aspects that go into making the change from man to woman. Remember, there is a definite hormone difference between the two genders, but both genders have hormones of the other gender naturally. When you are trying to make the change, the key is to bring out more of those female hormones and less of the male hormones. In addition to using the hormones suggested above, you might also consider adapting your diet to account for this.

Once you decide to make the change, it is important that you go all in. Make sure to start accounting for these male to female hormones and working consistently to change your body. If you have the money, you might work with plastic surgeons to speed up the process, but the real truth is that you don’t have to. With the right attitude, you can become who you were meant to be.