Becoming a Woman

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go Growing up, you might have felt that you were meant to be something different. When people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, you might have thought less about a profession and more about your gender. Fortunately, now is a better time than ever if you are considering enter site becoming a woman, as the technology is there to help on your journey.


Make the Decision

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go to link The first thing you must do once you consider this option is to really make the decision. Is this truly what you want to do? Remember, this is a permanent change, as though you can use plenty of hormones and techniques to introduce feminine features, it is still not possible to reverse the process. Of course, if you know you are set on becoming a woman, then you need to make the conscious decision to move forward.  

Gather Support  

statement of purpose essay utwente From there, you must go about gathering whatever support you can get. You may already know that your family and friends won’t be supportive, but there are plenty of people out there who will. Take the time to get to know other transgender individuals in your community. Talk to them about their transformation. They went through exactly what you are going through, so they are able to give a better impression of what to expect.

federalist papers 10 and 51 essay format If no one in your area seems willing to help, connect online with a community. Today’s society is more accepting of you than ever before, so don’t let some misguided people in your local community deter you. If you are meant to make this change, you should move forward with the process.  

Making the Transformation

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More times than not, people don’t have the money to get expensive surgeries to make the change. Instead of this, one of the best ways to start here becoming a woman is to look into female hormones that are readily available. Certain hormones will help you make the change and enjoy your new life. There are even specialized products, like brestrogen, which specifically focus on growing breasts.


Truly Becoming a Woman


Once you begin the change, it is important that you also look at taking the proper steps to legally establish yourself in the new gender.  Taking the physical steps necessary is great, but if you want to be recognized with your new identity you should become aware of your local state laws ahead of time. This will help ensure you follow proper procedure and make all of the necessary changes in a way that can be monitored and tracked for these purposes.

Unfortunately, it is still not an easy task to make this change as many areas will look for three key steps: psychological therapy, hormone therapy, and sex reassignment surgery. Of course, not every state requires you undergo all of these processes to make the change, so be aware before you begin. With technology today, you don’t have to use all of these processes.

So, before click becoming a woman, make sure you are aware of this. It can be a long journey, but you were born to make it.